Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hair Extensions

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hair Extensions

  • September 12, 2017
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  • by Midas
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Making the decision to invest in hair extensions is a big decision: there’s the time, the money and the maintenance. Hair extensions will add a whole lot to your look, and they can bring your fine, limp and lifeless hair to new heights. However, if you don’t take care of them properly they can become a disaster. Hair extensions take dedicated care, time and a regular maintenance routine. Here’s how you can get the most out of your investment and ensure your extensions give you the best looks possible.


Check the Quality

With extensions, as with most purchases, you will get what you pay for with hair extensions. These hair pieces will always come in a variety of prices, lengths and materials. You can purchase real or synthetic hair, and real human hair will always be a bigger purchase. However, real human hair will blend much more easily into your existing hair. For the best quality, be sure to get real virgin Indian hair extensions.


Take your Time

Having hair extensions put in will take a long time. Whether you purchase clip in, sew in or bonded hair extensions they will all take a decent amount of time to put into your hair properly. When looking to have extensions put in, expect that your hair stylist will book out about half a day and you shouldn’t attempt to do them yourself. To make them look right you need to have them put in professionally.


Similar, but Different, Colors

Your hair, whether it’s primarily black, brown or blonde, is always going to be different shades of that same color. With this in mind you should find extensions that are similar, and aren’t the exact same color all over. Human hair is going to be different shades of the same color so make sure that when you purchase your extensions you follow this rule and they will blend a lot easier.

Too Long

The whole point of extensions is to make your hair longer, obviously. But if you go too long with your extensions they might actually damage your natural hair. If you are completely set on having extremely long extensions put in then make sure you have your hairstylist put them in very small sections when doing your hair. By putting them in small sections the weight per area will be less on your head which will mean the least amount of damage possible.


Permanent is well, Permanent

A lot of people think that permanent extensions means they will be much more like your natural hair, and they might be, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be any less maintenance. And permanent hair extensions means completely permanent. Removing the extensions if you realize it was a mistake will cause damage to your hair, and should only be done by a professional. There will also be a period of regrowth for your hair. It is recommended you wear clip in extensions for at least a year, consistently, before considering permanent ones.

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