Where & How to Buy The Best Human Hair Extensions ?

Where & How to Buy The Best Human Hair Extensions ?

  • December 7, 2017
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In today’s world everyone wants to look beautiful and glamorous and in order to achieve it, humans have developed a way out for the people who either want to have beautiful hair or want to change their hairstyle without actually damaging or cutting their real hair and for that they have made Hair Extensions. So, before we go to the best human hair extensions to buy we will clear our doubts about the Hair Extensions.

What are Hair Extensions ?

Hair Extensions, also known as Hair Weaves or Artificial Hair Integrations are used to add fullness, length or style to the Hair. The idea of Hair Extensions comes from the Ancient Egypt where men and women both used the Hair Weaves to look more elegant. Slowly with time, this idea became the trend and now in the modern age it is what we called “Fashion”.

Synthetic Hair

What are Human Hair Extensions?

Human Hair Extensions are made up of human hair and are much better than the Synthetic Artificial hair Extensions as they won’t blend or style the way Real Human hair does. Also, it can’t always withstand heat styling and tangles easily as compared to Real Human Hair.

Human Hair is actually made up of Keratin which is dead & hard Protein in the form of 3 layers called Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle. Medulla is the inner layer and it might not be present possibly. After Medulla there is Cortex and then comes Cuticle. The hair Cuticle is also generally known as the “First Line of Defence” against all forms of damage. Also, the shine of the hair which makes it attractive is due to its Cuticle. When we say “True Raw Virgin Hair” we mean the hair with its “Cuticle intact and facing in the same direction”.

So, the Hair Extensions made up of Raw Virgin Human Hair are the most durable.

Where do these Hair Extensions come from ?

Well, if we talk about Synthetic Hair Extensions then they can be synthesized anywhere in factories and workplaces but when we talk about Good Quality Real Virgin Hair then they are generally come from India and somehow from China as well.

There are many religious places in India where people shave their hair off as part of a religious ritual every second in India. An example of such temple is Venkateswara where people shave / tonsure their heads in ritual devotion. These temples then auction this Hair which can be as long as 30 Inches as well.


What factors to see when you buy Hair Extensions


What factors to see when you buy Hair Extensions ?

Hair Texture:  Your hair extension has to match with the texture of your natural hair so they can look as natural as natural hair and can easily blend with them.

Colour Match: Again we have to keep in mind that our main focus is that no one gets to know that you have hair extensions. So, the best thing for that is that you should know that most companies offer hair extensions with dual blended, tri-blended or sometimes of bright colours. so, you should make a perfect match for hair colour to make them seamlessly look alike to the natural hair.

Hair Length: Well mostly women buy hair extensions to increase the length or to give them style. So, you should know that what your height is and what is the current length of your hair so that you can buy the right hair with right length to make them look exactly as you want, especially in the case of curly hair.

Hair Weight: Now comes that how much thick you want your hair to look? As the weight will increase the density of the hair so you need to figure out that what weight suits your hair and face style. Also, do keep in mind that 100g 16 Inch hair will always differ from 100g 20 Inch hair, so make the choice accordingly. Though for a woman with thin hair or of average thickness “1gram per strand” is the industry standard and they look good as well. But on the same hand, women with a bit more thin hair will need less weight hair and women with more thick hair will need hair with more weight.

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Hair Style & Extension Type: Now, you should make up your mind with what style are you looking for to buy. There are many hairstyles like Straight hair, Curly Hair, Wavy hair, etc. So, you need to think over it and make up your mind. Then the question comes is that what type of hair extensions are you searching for? There are again many types of hair extensions like Clip In, Tape In, Hair Wefts etc. So, you need to make up your mind here as well before you order.

Hair Quality: This is a very important factor as this factor will give the real value to your money. Now, you should always buy Real Virgin Hair Extensions as they are natural real hair and no chemical has been used on them or you can say that the Cuticle is intact and facing in the same direction. So, this kind of hair is much better than Synthetic hair being sold in the market which is cheap but is fake as well and you will end up being on the losing side if you buy this. Then further the Real Virgin Hair with the Indian Origin is the best as they do not use any chemicals and Indian hair is recognized in the world for its strength and quality though it’s a bit costly than the synthetic unnatural hair but it will give you satisfaction for sure.

The Best Human Hair Extensions to Buy?

Now you are aware of the basics of hair extensions and all the factors that you need to see before you buy. So, let’s introduce you to the best and recognized Real Indian Virgin Hair Brand from where you can buy hair without any hesitation and fear. All credit goes to their superb “No Regrets Policy “ and “30 Days  Money Back Policy “.

They provide Real Indian Virgin hair after doing all the quality checks through their experts and provide you with the best and premium quality hair so that you can smile forever.

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