Why you should only choose Real Human Hair Extensions?

Why you should only choose Real Human Hair Extensions?

  • August 16, 2017
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  • by Midas
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When looking to purchase hair extensions there are a lot of decisions to be made. These decisions, such as length, colour, and type – clip in, bonded or woven – are largely dependent on your lifestyle and what kind of maintenance you are prepared for. However, the material you select (natural or synthetic) should never be a question. Real human hair is the best option for any extensions and will ensure your investment gives you a very natural look and no one will suspect a thing. Here’s why you should only choose real human hair for your hair extensions.

Human hair extensions lend themselves to a variety of styling

Real human hair, unlike synthetic hair, can be styled in basically any way you can think of. Synthetic hair has a lot of limitations when it comes to finishing but with real human hair it can be curled, straightened and put up in any way you’d like.

 Real human hair extensions last longer

Real hair extensions can take the heat

Synthetic hair can only take so much heat, but most styling tools apply a lot of heat to your hair and it might ruin your extensions, possibly causing them to not blend with your real hair. Real hair extensions, because they are human hair, can take the heat that any styling tool can provide. Ensure that you use regular heat protective products before styling, but you don’t have to worry about ruining your extensions with everyday styling tools.


 Real human hair extensions last longer

They blend easily with your natural hair

Real human hair extensions, since they are real hair, blend really easily into your existing hair. Synthetic hair extensions look fake as they are typically shinier than real hair, so this can make the colour hard to match and make it harder to blend them into your hair. If you’re looking for extensions to wear on a regular basis or permanent ones, real hair is the best way to go.

 Real human hair extensions last longer

Real human hair extensions last longer

Real hair, provided they are regularly washed and brushed, will last longer than synthetic ones. Synthetic hair will start to show wear and can’t stand up to constant use like real hair extensions will. They might be a much more expensive investment up front, but they will be a much better investment long term if you’re planning to use them on a regular basis.


They can be color matched

They can be colour matched

Since these extensions are real hair they can very easily be colour matched to your existing hair colour. If your hair is already coloured then you can take your extensions to your colourist and ensure the hair is matched so they look like part of your existing hair.

Overall selecting real human hair extensions, over synthetic, will make sure your hair looks like it’s completely natural. Real human hair will last much longer than synthetic ones and they will stand up to everyday styling and use much better, so they are a better investment and will keep your hair looking amazing and beautiful every day.


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