Why You Should Only Choose Real Indian Hair Extensions ?

Why You Should Only Choose Real Indian Hair Extensions ?

  • September 1, 2017
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  • by Midas
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Why You Should Only Choose Real Indian Hair Extensions ?


Purchasing hair extensions is a large investment, not just financially but there will be a lot of time required to properly maintain them and ensure they always look as amazing as the day you first put them in. No matter if you purchase permanent or clip in extensions, you do have to provide care so they don’t become tangled and they still blend into your natural hair. There are all kinds of extensions you can purchase, but real Indian hair is amongst the absolute best kind of hair extension you can buy, and here’s why.


They can be Coloured


They can be colored

While real hair extensions overall will blend the best with your natural hair, real Indian hair can also be dyed if you want to. Most people have heard that you can’t dye your hair if you have hair extensions but that isn’t really true, especially with Indian hair. Since this hair is human grown hair it will respond to hair dyes exactly as your natural hair would; just ensure you go to a salon with a professional to dye your hair as this will give you the best result possible.


They are, like, your own hair


They are like your own hair

Indian hair comes in a variety of textures and you can do anything to these hair extensions that you would do to your own hair: blow dry, style, cut, whatever you want. Since this is real human hair, you can heat style your extensions and they will hold the look without being damaged like their synthetic counterparts would be. Of course, as with your own hair, you need to make sure you are treating them properly and conditioning regularly. As long as they are well cared  your hair extensions can last for many years.


They Respond to Treatments


They Respond to Treatments

Real Indian hair will respond, effectively, to hair treatments you put on your hair. This could be things like deep nourishing hair masks or coconut oil, or anything in between. Processed hair, though, won’t actually absorb any of the nutrients provided by these treatments so you likely won’t see any benefit. Real hair, though, will be a lot shinier and will make you look magazine worthy any time.


They store and travel well


They can be stored and traveled well

Provided you don’t store them in a huge ball at the bottom of a suitcase, these hair extensions will travel very well. If you select clip in extensions as your preference there’s going to be a decent amount of time where you don’t have them in, so you need to store them. Make sure they are stored flat and you’ll be good to go. No one really wants to spend part of their vacation untangling a hair weave, but with real Indian hair you won’t since they are just like your own hair and can be brushed and washed gently.

There are many options out there for hair extensions, but when you select your extensions make sure that you pick what’s right for you in terms of expense, material and maintenance time. Extensions that are made of real human hair, like Indian ones, will last longer (as long as they are cared for) and will blend much more naturally into your own hair.

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